When you buy a new prepaid or postpaid SURF line, or when you swap your basic SURF package to a bigger one, you will get a modem as a gift.

Packages included in the offer:

Prepaid SURF PackagesPostpaid SURF Packages
2 GB6,7502 GB4,100
3 GB9,5004 GB Student3,650
4 GB Student6,7503 GB5,500
4 GB11,5006 GB7,300
5 GB13,00012 GB13,700
25 GB16,00035 GB18,300
35 GB18,300Unlimited36,600


  1. To activate the offer, please visit one of Syriatel points of service.
  2. You can’t benefit from the offer in case you activate or swap one of the offer Packages through dialing the special code of activating the package
  3. Swap request of the current package should be to a bigger one.
  4. For more info, please visit one of Syriatel points of service.



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Launching Date:26/09/2018
Total votes: 5