New SURF Monthly Packages & Offer


Syriatel offers prepaid SURF customers free extra volume up to 4 times the bundle when you activate one of SURF Monthly Bundles.

BundlePriceExtra VolmeuSURF Nights BundlesTotal Volume
500 MB2300 SYP500 MB1 GB2 GB
1 GB4000 SYP2 GB2 GB5 GB
2 GB6750 SYP4 GB4 GB10 GB
3 GB

9500 SYP

6 GB6 GB15 GB
4 GB

11500 SYP

8 GB8 GB20 GB
5 GB13000 SYP10 GB10 GB25 GB
25 GB

16000 SYP

25 GB-50 GB
35 GB

18300 SYP

35 GB-70 GB

To activate one of the bundles, please dial *113# for free.

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Launching Date:13/09/2018
Total votes: 7