Syriatel Boutique Outlets

Saving your time and getting your requests handled easier have always been our aim. Therefore, we are pleased to tell you that, in addition to our points of service, you can visit “Syriatel Boutique” outlets.

We have 1000 Syriatel Boutique outlets distributed over all regions and ready to help you with a lot of our services.
Through these outlets you can:

  • Change your postpaid/prepaid SIM card (including SURF SIM cards).
  • Pay your postpaid line invoice (including 3G invoices).
  • Get a new Ya Hala prepaid card (both civilian and military customers).
  • Get a new SURF prepaid card (both civilian and military customers).
  • Control your Ring Back Tone service (subscribe, unsubscribe, assign).
  • Recharge your prepaid card.
  • Change your postpaid line number.
  • Add services like: I Clip, GPRS Mega Plan, SMS Bundle, SMS International Bundle.

For more information about Syriatel Boutique outlets’ locations and services provided by them, please click the following link Syriatel Boutique