3 Applications with One Account and Free Internet Bundle

  • Akrabelik app with its new version puts Syriatel world in your hands.
  • Roam Assist app is your travel guide for roaming services.
  • And with Music Lovers app you are the DJ of RBT service.

Once you create an account and activate it for the first time on any of the 3 applications you will get a free internet bundle:

  • 10 MB for 3G postpaid lines and prepaid cards
  • 5 MB for 2G postpaid lines and prepaid  cards

For more info about any of the 3 applications click the below links:

Akrabelik app: http://www.syriatel.sy/mobile-applications/akrabelik-application 

Roam Assist app: http://www.syriatel.sy/mobile-applications/roam-assist-application

Music Lovers app: http://www.syriatel.sy/mobile-applications/music-lovers-application