Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are SURF prepaid cards available?

SURF prepaid cards are available free of charge at a number of authorized Syriatel dealers’ outlets in addition to all current Syriatel points of service.

To enquire about the authorized Syriatel dealers, please visit

What is lifetime validity feature that is available to SURF prepaid cards?
It's a feature that enables you to your card active for life. All you have to do is to use or recharge your SURF prepaid card at least once every 90 days.
How can I enquire about the available recharge denominations of SURF prepaid cards and their prices?

You can enquire about the available recharge denominations by dialing *199# and pressing 'call' provided that your handset is compatible with 3G services.

How do I settle my invoice?

You can always visit one of Syriatel points of service which are available all over Syria. Syriatel has also provided its customers with several payment methods that enable them to settle their invoices without the need to visit any point of service. These payment methods are:

Payment via Abili Fatora service:

This service enables you to settle your invoice or pay an advanced payment by visiting one of the authorized Syriatel dealers.

Direct debit service:

You can pay all your mobile bills by direct debit if you have an account at a bank that supports this service.

Payment via ATM service:

This service allows you to settle your postpaid line's bills anytime via the automated teller machines (ATM) of the Commercial Bank of Syria and Real Estate Bank available throughout Syria.

Payment via SMS Service:

This service enables you to settle your invoice through the Text Messages Service (SMS) if you have a bank account at the Commercial Bank of Syria.

SURF Prepaid Card

With SURF prepaid card, you can benefit from a fast and mobile internet connection, a variety of recharge options and an exclusive feature which enables you to keep your card valid for life.

In addition, Syriatel gives you SURF prepaid card for free if you visit the authorized Syriatel dealers and Syriatel points of service.

The minimum balance required to recharge your SURF prepaid card for the first time is SYP 95.

Find out more about authorized Syriatel dealers by clicking here

SURF Postpaid line

You can subscribe to SURF postpaid line by visiting one of Syriatel points of service in order to sign a contract, and present the required documents.  
Syriatel offers a variety of packages designed to suit all the needs of internet users in Syria.
Find out more about SURF packages by clicking here

What is SURF?
The 3.5 G HSDPA technology allows you to access and surf the internet with high-speed connection.